Love Coaching Matchmaking by Montse Herrera


Love Coaching Matchmaking by Montse Herrera


Love Coaching Matchmaking by Montse Herrera


In Soulmate Matchmaking, we put in contact with real people who want to have stable couple or create a family.

What is Matchmaking?

Matchmaking is the process of matching two people who are looking seriously, rigorously and confidentially for their life partner for the purpose of maintaining a stable relationship, marrying or forming a family. Therefore, it is not a traditional marriage agency, a Dating App, or a web of contacts for only one-night stand or an adventure.

Matchmaking is an Anglo-Saxon concept, well recognized (for its proven effectiveness), and rooted in the United States, Canada, Northern Europe and the United Kingdom.

The purpose of the matchmaker is to achieve from their experience and training in different disciplines: psychology, mediation, sociology, coaching, therapies, and sentimental head hunting, to find the people with the most likely affinity.


Montse Herrera

During the last 19 years, she has worked as a psychotherapist, life coach and mediator for women and couples. Focusing on the person and their problems, giving answers and solutions to each specific case.
She has worked as a teacher in various disciplines and as a business team coach.
She gives talks, workshops and conferences. Collaborates as a guest in different TV and radio programs, currently, participates as a collaborator in the chain SER Cataluña.
She has been working as a mentoring specialist for women for more than 10 years, showing the golden rules for finding a stable partner, recovering and enhancing femininity and strengthening self-esteem.




Soulmate Matchmaking by Montse Herrera was born from the need for a part of today’s society, where the immediacy, excellence, privacy, exquisiteness, and resoluteness prevail. Where time is one of the most precious and scarce goods, Soulmate Matchmaking by Montse Herrera is aware of it and therefore, offer much more than a marriage agency to use, benefiting from the tools of Matchmaking, the effectiveness of sentimental head hunting, Love coaching, therapy and couple mediation.

It is a new 360º service, closing the cycle necessary to meet the ideal person. Our clients are people who do not have the time to make a more social life than they already have. They are professionals with obligations and commitments that determines that they are always related to the same groups of people, where it is very difficult to meet new people. very difficult to meet new people.

Our values

Rigorous Method
Personal Care


Much of my professional success, I owe it to know how to delegate to other professionals, I learned many years ago that one cannot do or know everything. That's why I bet on Soulmate. After consulting and seeking information, several people told me about Montse and after having lived the experience, I must admit that I totally agree with them.


When I found out that Montse had created Soulmate Matchmaking, I said great, now yes!!! I have known Montse for a few years, I have attended several of his talks and formations and I knew at once that what for me was an impossible mission, for her would be possible.I can only say that the process has been very enriching and that I would go back to him to meet Xavi. Thanks again!!!


I have to admit that what led me to hire the services of Soulmate Matchmaking was the possibility of not having to face a blind date, I am terrified. The fact of attending with someone from the agency to the presentation, as if it were a meeting between friends, I reassured myself.


I admit that I would never have believed that I would hire the services of a professional Matchmaking, but after several miscarriages, and realizing that time was passing and that I had more and more work responsibilities, it was clear that I needed help. Well, after I got to Soulmate Matchmaking and I met Montse and his team, at first I had doubts but in the end, I decided to try it and it was the best decision I ever made.



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