Love has no age

By 25 October, 2016Uncategorized

There is a belief that women from the age of 40 become transparent, that from this age group, it is very difficult or almost impossible to fall in love again and mission impossible to have a stable relationship again.

I still remember when a client came crying to the office to tell me that a friend of his “doctor” had explained that from the age of fifty, she could not fall in love. Serious error! Love does not know of ages, love only knows attitude, passion, illusion, hope, fulfillment, self-esteem, courage … but not old. What’s more, it is known that more and more women who are targeting applications or web pages of contacts. 47% of women between 39 and 49 have ever used a web of this type. Now it is not uncommon to find women and men from the decade of the twenty years targeted to this type of services.

So what we find is that the age group becomes increasingly longer, starting around twenty until reaching even the octogenarians, although where there is greater participation in these services is in the age group between 35 and 56 years.

The reasons why these applications and pages of appointments are increasingly used are several and disparate; They do not know how to relate in a different way, they want an immediacy, a variety, they are easier, they are ideal to have an adventure, they can be someone else, since real life is far from the fictional characters that are created for each profile … their many reasons and needs. That is why more and more we can find pages, app, and specialized agencies in different age groups, you just have to know what is for you, or where you can find what you want.

For this, what I recommend is to first keep very in mind what you are looking for, and once you know what you are looking for, consider what you are offering and from here, search for what app, website or agency can “guarantee” what you are looking for.