How to know if he likes you?

By 27 October, 2016Uncategorized

Sometimes it’s not so easy to know if you like that person or not, so what can you do?

For starters, it is important to differentiate between; not knowing if someone likes me (in general), with, I do not know if I am reciprocated by the person I like.

In the first case, we can go completely unnoticed because there is no interest on our part, and here in us there is no change. While in the second option, it can annoy and disturb us more, since we are more emotionally involved and therefore very outstanding. Here we must keep in mind that, more or less subtly, more or less conscious, we are also changing our behavior with that person. And it is here that we will focus all our attention because he/she happens to be exactly the same when he/she is attracted to you.

We will focus on the second section ‘how do I know if you like me? Although we will see that many of the explanations can be equally valid for both cases.

The first step is to spend some time looking at how the person you like acts and interacts. It is important to observe your verbal and non-verbal language in different contexts and with different people, it is important to see how you interact with others. This can help us detect differences in behavior when we are ahead.

Four different circumstances that can occur here.

1. The first one, which acts exactly the same as always, may indicate that you are not attracted to us. Unless it is very good / disguising.

2. The second shows total indifference for us, for no apparent reason. This could be a sign to bear in mind, there are many people who when they are attracted to someone, behave indifferently (without apparent reason) just with the person who attracts them, is usually a sign of shyness.

3. The third becomes a hindrance, for no reason, that is, with all the behavior of the other, as always, but without the story of a reality/joke. This is a clear way to attract attention, although it can sometimes be counterproductive.

4. And finally change your behavior when you are using any of the following points:

  • Non-verbal language, this is the most important section, it depends on many factors. Here we will take into account physical or visual contact. The body is totally focused towards the person: body, arms, and legs, look towards the person, if the body is leaning forward, it indicates a lot of interest. As a receptive sign, women often touch their neck or hair. Remember that the hands move by pointing or marking zones (consciously or unconsciously), which they want to be followed by our eyes.
  • The look is very important, there are looks that speak, just have to be pending.
  • The smile is another important signal, if it is accompanied by an intense look, it is much more valuable.
  • Laugh more than normal, even if it’s not funny.
  • Denote interest in everything you do or say.
  • The approach is also a detail to take into account.
  • We will differentiate that women are more talking, while men are more silent, and much more visual.
  • And finally, keep in mind that there are men (and women to a lesser extent), who use the classic method of looking at your friend when what they really want is to get your attention.

Difficult? Do not! Just pay a little attention. Take your time before making false conclusions, it is a matter of observing those details that say it all.