“The ability to laugh together is love.”
Françoise Sagan

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Much of my professional success, I owe it to know how to delegate to other professionals, I learned many years ago that one cannot do or know everything.

That’s why I bet on Soulmate. After consulting and seeking information, several people told me about Montse and after having lived the experience, I must admit that I totally agree with them. Montse makes difficult things easy, and that can only be done by someone who is passionate about and mastering his work perfectly. I want to thank Montse and his team for introducing me to who my partner is today. Undoubtedly, if you’ve tried everything if you think you do not have the time and it’s late to find that special person, do not throw in the towel.



There came a time when I thought that there really was nobody for me, I did not know anyone interesting, no one to catch my attention. I pointed to different websites to meet men and ended up sick of cheating and men who were just looking for sex. One day a friend told me about Soulmate and I decided to call. The truth is that I was quite demoralized but after meeting Montse, I decided to give it a try and I am delighted to have done so. We have been living together for almost 6 months now, and I have to say that the couple’s accompaniment sessions have been very useful, because as Montse says “we all carry our backpacks” and it is very helpful to have someone to help you with things Work. I can only say that it is very worthwhile.



When I found out that Montse had created Soulmate Matchmaking, I said great, now yes!!! I have known Montse for a few years, I have attended several of his talks and formations and I knew at once that what for me was an impossible mission, for her would be possible.

I remember how we laughed in their last course to “help women find a partner”. As she explained that in all the courses they asked the same thing, to introduce men, and she with his characteristic humor said that everything would come. I can only say that the process has been very enriching and that I would go back to him to meet Xavi. Thanks again!!!



I have to admit that what led me to hire the services of Soulmate Matchmaking was the possibility of not having to face a blind date, I am terrified. The fact of attending with someone from the agency to the presentation, as if it were a meeting between friends, I reassured myself. In addition, before the meeting, they give you very clear instructions “training for a successful first date” call it and take care of your image, they even provide you with the ideal place. To this day I am still in the process, but I am delighted with how they treat the subject, I am looking forward to it.



Several friends insisted that the best way to meet women was through online applications or companies. At the end, one day I decided to join one of these companies, because of my position I looked for one that did not require a photo and I started receiving messages from women who were interested in meeting me. I can only say that the world is very small and that after entering into conversation with several of them came the time to send us photos to meet us and move to the next level, which was my surprise when receiving the photo and recognizes a client, I died of Shame and I think that the same thing happened to her.

That was the main reason why I point to Soulmate Matchmaking, for its rigorous discretion and privacy. I must say that the process was not fast but effective and unlike online applications do not introduce many women, as Montse says “we do not sell meat, we select the right person for you.” That’s why I want to take this opportunity to thank the whole team of Soulmate and warn that if you want to go out every week with a different woman this is not your place.



I admit that I would never have believed that I would hire the services of a professional Matchmaking, but after several miscarriages, and realizing that time was passing and that I had more and more work responsibilities, it was clear that I needed help. I have always dreamed of having a large family and I was aware that if I continued this way, I would never achieve my goal. Well, after I got to Soulmate Matchmaking and I met Montse and his team, at first I had doubts but in the end, I decided to try it and it was the best decision I ever made.