“Love makes possible the paradox of two becoming one without ceasing to be two.”
Erich Fromm

What is Matchmaking?

Matchmaking is the process of matching two people who are looking seriously, rigorously and confidentially for their life partner for the purpose of maintaining a stable relationship, marrying or forming a family. Therefore, it is not a traditional marriage agency, a Dating App, or a web of contacts for only one-night stand or an adventure.

Matchmaking is an Anglo-Saxon concept, well recognized (for its proven effectiveness), and rooted in the United States, Canada, Northern Europe and the United Kingdom.

The purpose of the matchmaker is to achieve from their experience and training in different disciplines: psychology, mediation, sociology, coaching, therapies, and sentimental head hunting, to find the people with the most likely affinity.

Soulmate by Montse Herrera

In Soulmate Matchmaking by Montse Herrera, we offer a 360º attention, using a proprietary method that covers all the areas that require a search of the ideal profile.

This explains and makes Matchmaking a task that goes beyond the services of the classic marriage agency, dating pages and dating applications.

In Soulmate Matchmaking by Montse Herrera, the objective of the matchmaker is first to confirm the identity and veracity of the data that the client contributes, being able to guarantee the service and the security of the parties involved.

This is undoubtedly one of the most important differences compared to the rest of the companies that exist in the market. For us, this is paramount, before accepting a new member in Soulmate Matchmaking by Montse Herrera, we turn to a specialized external company that certifies all the information.

Secondly, the matchmaker finds out what pretensions and needs the client has, to find out if Soul-mate Matchmaking by Montse Herrera is the right place for him/her.

The selection procedure is rigorous. Potential customers undergo a first telephone evaluation, this saves time and confusion for both the customer and Soulmate Matchmaking by Montse Herrera.

The selection is made on a personal basis, no computer equipment is used in the process, only our extensive experience. We know all our customers personally. We know that we are different and treat the customer as a unique person.