“Love is not manifested in the desire to sleep with someone but in the desire to sleep with someone”
Milan Kundera


We offer a 360º attention, covering all the areas that require a search of the ideal profile

Soulmate Matchmaking by Montse Herrera was born from the need for a part of the current society, where the immediacy, excellence, privacy, exquisiteness, resoluteness, and individualism prevail. Where time is one of the most precious and scarce goods, Soulmate Matchmaking by

Montse Herrera is aware of it and therefore, offer much more than a marriage agency to use, benefiting from the tools of Matchmaking, the effectiveness of sentimental head hunting, Love coaching, therapy and couple mediation. It is a new 360º service, which covers the whole cycle necessary to meet the ideal partner.

Our clients are people who do not have the time to have more social life. They are professionals with obligations and multiple commitments, these circumstances determine that they always relate to the same groups of people, where it is very difficult to meet new people.

Soulmate Matchmaking by Montse Herrera knows this, and for that reason, the 360º service that it offers fulfills all the requirements of its customers. With all the requirements of the most demanding customer.

Our service is professional, personalized and private. Confidentiality is vital to our success, so all employees and collaborators must sign a confidentiality agreement. No personal information or photographs are disclosed to the clients.

This measure ensures the protection of the identity of customers, as well as their privacy as set by the Organic Law of Protection of Personal Data.

The services we offer at Soulmate Matchmaking by Montse Herrera are totally personalized, focused on the needs of those who trust us. The selection process is carried out individually, thanks to an exhaustive knowledge of our clients. They are private, professional, exclusive, confidential and resolute for demanding people, who value their time, their privacy and who have not lost the illusion to find with whom to share their life. Aimed at clients who prefer results and know that success depends on effective planning, organization, time and means.

The method

First contact

First, we want to know you, so as soon as you have sent the inquiry form we will contact you. The telephone interview, made by our team of professionals is inescapable. A person with inappropriate behavior is considered “unfit” and is denied registration. The next step is to arrange the first appointment for a contact, either in person (preferably) or via Skype.

We want to know your expectations so that you can gain a better understanding of your personality and needs, see if we can offer you what you are looking for, and assess if you meet the right profile for Soulmate Matchmaking by Montse Herrera.

It is the moment to raise any doubts that you have in this respect and where we will explain in detail each of the services offered by Soulmate Matchmaking by Montse Herrera to determine which is the most suitable for your needs.

We have rates starting from € 5,000

What is the first step? In order to access the different services provided by Soulmate Matchmaking by Montse Herrera, the first step is to become a Soul Client. For a symbolic amount of € 1,000 (to cover our professional time), you can belong to our database, participate in events organized by SoulmateMH and enjoy more advantages. We will inform you during the first meeting. From that moment to subsequent visits, after all, assessments, we establish which service that best suits your needs is.


If you feel comfortable with our process and would like to move on, then we will provide you with a copy of the terms and conditions of the membership. The data will be requested in order to confirm the identity and veracity of the customer’s information, to guarantee the service and the security of the parties involved.

It is required that you provide a copy of your DNI to guarantee the peace and security of all. A photo is only required for internal use by Soulmate Matchmaking by Montse Herrera.

Detailed interview and mentoring

After checking the data and acceptance, we will set the second visit (vary the number of visits depending on the package contracted) to conduct a detailed interview. We want to know you, know your professional and personal history, your hobbies, your interests and your preferences. We want to know how the future arises and what you are looking for in the ideal couple. This way we will complete your profile and define the search criteria according to your needs.

All personal data obtained from each of our clients are stored and used scrupulously in accordance with the Organic Law of Protection of Personal Data.

During the interviews, they assess the blockages, fears, limiting beliefs that have made it very difficult to find or keep a partner. Thanks to this information, we make our customers aware and help them to correct these blockages as much as possible.


In Soulmate Matchmaking by Montse Herrera, we attach great importance to this moment that is why we prepare our clients for the big day, everything has to be perfect. For this, there is a special assistance (depending on the package hired), to be able to advise, guide, and inspire them.

It is of no use, all the work I do in advance if the first impression fails, the nerves are very bad advisers, especially in these situations, that is why we are present in that first appointment, as a support. This helps to distend the environment. We will accompany you until the situation is fluid and we will be able to make an evaluation, which we will then comment individually with each one.


The day after your appointment, we will contact you for an evaluation. Your feedback after each appointment is very positive for the success of the relationship. In addition, we will give you an assessment of how it was seen from our eyes (without a doubt this is of great help).

With each experience we learn, we have more details and we understand better. Through communication and observation, we can refine our search and continue working to find that extraordinary person.


Once you have found that special person, we do not abandon you, (depending on the package hired), you will enjoy a couple counseling and mediation for a few months, to accompany you in all doubts or difficulties that arise along the way.

The first months are the most difficult, as we all drag experiences from the past that make the present difficult.