“When you love someone, you love him as he is, not as you want him to be.”
Leon Tolstoi

Montse Herrera

I believe that many things happen in our lives by small changes that we barely perceive. These lead us to make decisions and these modify our behavior. Other changes require the use of common sense, awareness and it is vital that a person listens to us and help us to know each other.

I often wonder how I have succeeded in getting that to which I dedicate much of my energies, fill me and make me happy. It is to explain it to a person I just met when I realize that everything is born of my experiences and family experiences.

I remember the talks with my mother in the kitchen, night entrance. She never told me what to do, she just listened to me, asked and left me alone to make my own decisions. I think she always knew what suited me, though she never told me straight.

I suppose that being born in a conservative and traditional family added to my education has made me who I am today, and my husband to dedicate myself to my profession (my passion). But what made me believe in love, in marriage, and in the family, I owe it to my grandparents, especially my grandfather “Vicent”.

Secondly, I owe it to my parents, they have been together almost all their lives, they have worked together from the age of 20 until retirement, they have had their more and their less (but it would not be real), but they love and respect each other, And so they have always passed on to me.

And yes, I have also suffered for love, I have been rejected, deceived and abandoned, but each and every one of my experiences is part of my process and learning, and in short, that has been experiencing. These experiences did not make me lose hope or make me stop being romantic, let alone made me stop believing in love. To this day, I’ve been married for 19 years and I say “happily married”.

If you want, you can too

Career path

For 19 years I have been working as a psychotherapist, life coach and mediator for women and couples. Focusing on the person and their problems, giving answers and solutions to each specific case.

I have worked as a teacher in various disciplines and as a business team coach.

I give talks, workshops and conferences. I collaborate as a guest in different TV and radio programs, currently, I work for SER Cataluña.

For more than 10 years I have been working as a mentoring specialist in women, showing the golden rules for finding a stable partner, recovering and enhancing femininity and strengthening self-esteem. Achieving very positive results from the motivation and empowerment of each individual, from empathy, active listening, respect and enthusiasm.

I have training in various disciplines, including natural therapies (Eastern and Western), meditation, psychology and humanities. Same as in different streams and techniques for personal growth…
NLP, coaching, biodescoding, among others. To this day I continue to expand my knowledge.

In recent years, motivated by the needs and concerns of my clients, I believe Soulmate Matchmaking by Montse Herrera is specialized and aimed at people who want to find a stable partner.