Married people live longer and are happier

By 23 October, 2016Uncategorized

A study at the University of Warwick (England), based on a sample of twenty thousand men over a period of twenty years, revealed that people living with their partners suffer less stress. Studies show that people living as a couple live an average of three years longer than people who decided to spend their lives without a partner.

Of the three years that the studies of the University of Warwick revealed, we move on to the most recently published article in the American Journal of Epidemiology. They claim that married couples live about a decade longer than singles.

In February 2013, the Journal of Family Psychology published a study on the relationship of marriage and health. The results showed that happily married people tend to enjoy better health than those who are unhappy in their marriages. In this way, studies conducted by the University Of Ohio School Of Medicine show the reasons why married people have less stress, depending on how the marriage is lived. “Better to be alone than in bad company” but if you are well with your partner much better than being with a partner since in this case cortisol (the hormone responsible for stress) is less. Studies indicate that the main reasons could be; Married men are less risky, drink less and

smoke less than single people, this would explain why they are less likely to suffer certain diseases, the influence of the couple helps to maintain healthy habits and the partner becomes a source of unconditional support and last, married people share the expenses.

In contrast, research conducted at the University of Washington (February 2013) concluded that partner conflicts can lead to pathologies such as allergies, anxiety disorders, and addictions.

To the question of who is happier if married or single, married responded by singles. Well, there are studies that support both sides, but it seems that the balance is potentially decanted towards married. But it does not prevent that every year there are more divorced and single in Spain, the increase is 54% from 2005 to 2013 and continues to increase and not only in Spain.

It is one of the reasons according to Montse Herrera coach and mediator of couples, which is why more and more web pages of contacts, dating app, marriage agencies are proliferating. There is for all tastes and for all types of profiles, one of the recommendations is to have very clear understanding of what is sought and once it is clear you have to search the indicated site.

Montse Herrera, director of Soulmate Matchmaking, states: “In the end, we all seek the same, find happiness, it is true that for some it is life as a couple and for others it is eternal bachelorhood, both options are just legitimate as long as they become free Will, being single / by decision is perfect, what is not so much is when one is resigned to being single for not finding the ideal partner. Already says the saying “better alone, than in bad company”.
If we bear in mind that happiness depends on 10% of the circumstances (here we can do little), 40% to the behavior of each one and 50% to the own innate capacity of each, we will have the ideal formula of how to create or to get as close as possible to our happiness.